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American Clean Resources Group, Inc. (“ACRG”) stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of renewable and environmental development for both public and private properties within the United States. Our mission revolves around bolstering the American Supply Chain and championing Climate Change Reduction through comprehensive Resource Management.

ACRG’s strategy involves tapping into existing assets while eyeing future acquisitions. These businesses, which span the realms of air, water, and land, align both vertically and horizontally. One of our major initiatives involves reprocessing mineral waste from both current and previously closed mines, a step that ensures environmental compliance and contributes to the U.S.’s journey towards metal and mineral self-reliance.

Furthermore, ACRG is poised to become a global frontrunner in offering toll, specialty, and custom milling services for precious and rare earth metals. This unique position allows us to cater to mining companies and stakeholders, riding the wave of heightened mineral exploration and the rising demand for these metals.

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