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We are initially directing our attention toward two key areas of focus. The first is the realm of renewable energy, and the second is dedicated to water technology solutions.

Our Tonopah property spans an impressive 1,183 acres, serving as a cornerstone in our overarching strategy to excel in the toll, specialty, and custom milling sectors. Additionally, we possess 387 Acre Feet of coveted annual water rights, equivalent to approximately 126 million gallons per year, along with a recently drilled well.

American Clean Resources Group and the Tonopah SEZ Opportunity

American Clean Resources Group (ACRG) recognizes the vast potential of the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) located near Tonopah, NV, especially when factoring in its closeness to our significant landholdings in Millers, Nevada. This SEZ, renowned for its streamlined permit-by-rule provisions for solar energy developments, offers a unique opportunity for prompt and effective expansion. As the global appetite for renewable energy sources intensifies, capitalizing on the solar energy potential of this region emerges as both an environmental commitment and a strategic business initiative.

Furthermore, a significant advantage amplifying our interest is the presence of an NV Energy power station already situated on our property. This station is directly connected to the grid serving California and lies adjacent to Green Link West, which can significantly streamline the energy distribution process and enhance the overall viability of large-scale solar projects in the area.

Our intrigue in this SEZ is not solely based on geographical proximity or existing infrastructure. ACRG holds the most extensive water rights in the area, complemented by a considerable stretch of privately-owned property. These assets not only support the infrastructural demands of a broad-scale solar endeavor but also highlight the feasibility and sustainability of such a venture. Leveraging the SEZ’s regulatory benefits alongside our resource-rich holdings, American Clean Resources Group is primed to spearhead a renewable energy metamorphosis in the region, championing sustainable growth and solidifying our dedication to a cleaner, more luminous future.

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