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Clean Air, Water and Land Solutions

Minerals and Metals
Clean Water Technologies
Renewable Energy

"Cleaning America as we build America" - CEO Tawana Bain

Leading the Way: Sustainable Solutions for America's Resource Independence

American Clean Resources Group, Inc. (“ACRG”), an environmentally sustainable development platform, is at the forefront of renewable and environmental development in the United States, through comprehensive Resource Management and processing of precious minerals and metals in a carbon-neutral and environmentally safe manner. Dedicated to revolutionizing the new American Supply Chain by aiming to deliver goods with a net-zero environmental impact, ACRG is committed to advancing climate change reduction, strengthening the American Supply Chain, and aiming to lead one of the largest renewable energy projects in the U.S. ACRG leverages existing assets and pursues strategic acquisitions across air, water, and land domains to benefit both public and private properties within the United States.

Core Services

As a publicly traded company committed to advancing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals, we are proud to introduce a suite of services that will not only cater to the unique needs of industries but also align with responsible and sustainable practices.

Our innovative offerings, including Custom Processing and Toll Milling, Toll-Processing Capabilities, Renewable Energy Power Sales through Third-Party Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), and Tax Credit Syndication, represent a winning strategy for any organization striving to achieve its ESG objectives.

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